Rent a Forensic Box

RentForensic Box delivered to your premises

Take advantage of our specially developed forensic Box and manage your corporate  compliance budget. Rent our forensic box for a minimum of 2 days and get the power of remote forensics right from our forensic laboratories based in London. Forensic Box is delivered to your premises next day, by a secured DHL delivery allowing for:

1. Forensic data extraction
2. Data Analysis 
3. Password recovery
4. Mobile phone analysis

Select and Pay for a service level below:

Premium Package
end - end Digital evidence services 24/7
end - end Digital evidence services 24/7
Get 20% off our stated fixed fees with a dedicated consultant and 24/7 support. In addition, you get supplied and installed, one corporate office forensic computer that allows you to connect to our 24/7 Network service. Our premium service puts at your disposal a consultant for regular consultation on all matters concerning your digital services requirements. This service is based on an annual renewal and includes an end to end service consultation on (1) computer forensics (2) ediscovery and (3) litigation support. More importantly, you have access to our services, 24/7.
Incident Response Package
Avoid costly mistakes - Be prepared and react promptly
Avoid costly mistakes - Be prepared and react promptly
Very often, when problems occur in a company that involves the use of a computer, the internet or a digital device, internal IT is often called upon to investigate and produce a report. Unfortunately 90% of most legally inadmissible computer evidence is as a result of the misinformed acts and omissions of company IT departments. A majority of IT Managers are good at their jobs.However that does not qualify them as Computer forensic experts, trained to handle legal evidence and produce independent reports based on expert investigation. Your company will be saving time, money and undue legal exposure by retaining our independent services in the event of a computer use incident concerning an employee or instigated externally. Take advantage of our standby, quick response deployment to your office for a monthly fee.
Compliance & Due Diligence Package
Increase the worth of your company
Increase the worth of your company
The global effect of the internet requires, that companies that operate locally understand and prepare for the global significance and implications associated with their data as it moves across the internet far beyond their local boundaries. Companies now have to deal with a host of Information technology protocols and regulations in other to meet their compliance obligations. Unfortunately, not many companies are aware of these obligations or how non adherence exposes their operations to huge financial claims and damaging legal liabilities. In the 21st century, it is prudent for your company to partner with a forward looking legal technology company that understands the peculiar nuances that connects the use of computers, the internet and potential litigation be that criminal or civil. Take advantage of our monthly compliance package and have a specialist computer and internet lawyer conference with your relevant department regularly.
Leavers Package
Before or after an employee leaves - Be prepared
Before or after an employee leaves - Be prepared
Employees are the "Soul" of a company but they can also be the "Bane" of a company. From employee misuse of company computers, data theft to internal hacking, employer/employee friction and email communications now often have a tangent with a computer or digital device like a mobile phone. It is therefore important, that before an employee leaves his or her employment or immediately after, companies forensically preserve digital data used by the relevant employees. Request our leavers package and call our consultants in, to independently preserve the contents of computers or mobile phones used by your ex employees or soon to be ex employees. You never know when you will need evidence from these devices down the line. Act before crucial evidence or email is lost.

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