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Lawyers are trained to understand, interpret
and offer advocacy in law courts. In the process, they learn how to deal with their clients, adversaries, relevant documents, litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution. 

Because of the fast evolving pace of technology and increasing reliance on computers and mobile phones, it is imperative that lawyers at a minimum understand the basics of computer technology. Lawyers by training are not computer and data experts. However, most of the evidence required in today’s technology world reside or emanate from computers and digital devices. 

Our Solutions

Whether a matter is criminal or civil, a lawyer will soon be faced with decisions regarding computer forensic evidence or electronic document discovery. In House lawyers and litigating attorneys require all the help they can get in applying and understanding digital evidence and how it affects their case theory. They require dependable partners who have expertise both in law and computer technology.

We have specialist lawyers who are dual qualified as computer engineers and data forensic experts. They can help you leverage your strategy in the use of computer evidence in civil and criminal matters. Click here to contact us.

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