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The Problem

A company’s data management policy or lack thereof, may lead to problems associated with cyber attacks, regulatory and compliance difficulties. A poorly structured data security protocol may result in internal and externally generated computer incident complications arising from:

  • Company Data/IP theft
  • Computer Data transfer and manipulation
  • Unlawful use of email, social media and image storage
  • Misuse and abuse of corporate IT policy
  • Unauthorised data deletion
  • Unauthorised file and device access
  • Network security breach
  • External Hacker attack
  • Domain Name disputes
  • Online payment disputes
  • Regulatory compliance defaults

The investigation and resolution of cyber crime and data compliance issues requires the constant focus of all stakeholders – Human resource & IT, the legal team, compliance team and the CERT team. Coordination of all stakeholders in itself can be a problem.  A typical IT department, is not equipped to conduct a probative cyber crime investigation or resolve purely legal matters surrounding compliance and regulatory requirements. 

Our Solutions

Our team of experts will provide the appropriate technology platforms and generate relevant security and data management protocols to ensure proper coordination and implementation, structured by the following data metrics: Monitor, Detect, Protect and Remediate. We rely, on some of the best commercial tools during deployment. Speak to one of our consultants to discuss your requirements



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