IT/Software Disputes

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Solutions for law & technology disputes

Corporate IT supply contracts, securing IP, client data and  enforcing compliance and regulatory requirements  demands that proper protocols, response frame works and expert teams are in place to resolve matters concerning:

  • IT Supply Contracts – Drafting & Negotiations
  • Service Level Agreements audit
  • Hardware & Software – Fit for purpose disputes
  • Hardware & Software – Installation disputes
  • Project commission liabilities
  • Project design & planning disputes
  • Project execution disputes
  • Regulatory authority defence
  • Software licencing and escrows
  • Intellectual property safeguards

Our Solutions

At iTevidence, our combined expertise in law and technology provides
a very broad insight into how we resolve and tackle legal technology problems. Our specialist lawyers and technical implementation teams,
combine expertise, to provide required strategies to resolve corporate IT supply contracts, breach of Intellectual property, compliance and regulatory matters. Speak to one of our consultants to discuss your requirements.


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