Password Recovery

Have you lost or forgotten the
Password to your Document, Computer or encrypted Disk ?

We can help. Our password recovery services is confidential, secure and employs some of the best known mathematical techniques for retrieving and decoding password protected documents, locked computer disk and encrypted storage. Please see our terms of engagement for this service.
1. Select a service  below
2. Make Payment
3. Upload your Document (click image – right)
4. Receive your open document by email

Select a service below. Note – If you have a Hard disk that needs decrypting or a computer system that is locked, please use our DHL next day collection service or contact support.

Document PassWord Recovery  - 24/7 Online
Document PassWord Recovery - 24/7 Online

1. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Databases

2. Adobe PDF, Quick Books, Music files

3. ZIP Files &, Compressed Files

4. Pictures and Videos
PassWord Recovery for Computer Systems
PassWord Recovery for Computer Systems
Desktop & Servers

Are you faced with the problem of a forgotten or lost password to access your desktop or server? This can be a very frustrating event. At iTevidence we take security seriously, for this service, we only assist verified individuals and companies, with our computer systems password recovery service. This service will allow you regain full access to your computer or server. Contact us for more details of our Proof of ID requirements.





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