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ediscovery & Computer Forensic evidence
ediscovery & Computer Forensic evidence

Legal professionals, Defence lawyers, Prosecution lawyers, Judges are often faced with resolving evidential questions that touch on the probative value of evidence and digital data, recovered from computers and other digital devices like Mobile phones.

Depending on which view point you hold in a case (Defence, Prosecution or Judge), there will be opposing views to your position. At iTevidence, we bring the science to bear on the evidence. Our specialist lawyers who are dual qualified as forensic experts will add the required leverage to your case and needed technical direction for your legal team. Below is the summary of a list of what our legal experts bring on board:

1. Computer evidence expert report analysis and rebuttal 2. Formulate digital evidence disclosure strategy 3. Undertake the cross examination of computer forensic experts 4. Prepare and argue varied ediscovery disclosure motions to manage cost , scope, proportionality, burden and relevance of proposed edisclosure data. 5. Develop search and keyword strategy in line with your case strategy. 6. Provide full ediscovery and edisclosure technical and legal support for the entire trial.

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