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A specialist lawyer, with more than 25 years combined experience in law and technology, certified expert in computer evidence, electronic document discovery and IT litigation strategy.

In law and business practice, what you don’t know can hurt you. The compliant use of corporate data and electronic evidence may ultimately determine whether or not you win or lose your case in Court, an arbitration hearing or effectively resolve matters in a corporate investigation.

Poor management or ignorance, in the use of computer evidence and electronic documents has lead to huge financial penalties for companies and negligence claims against erring lawyers and law firms.

Karl Obayi nigeria forensic expert expertHello, I am karl Obayi
I am the principal partner and lead consultant at iTevidence. My experience in law and IT litigation spans  a combined period of more than 25 years; as a Barrister, Solicitor, computer systems engineer and certified forensics expert.
As a specialist practitioner, I concentrate on what I know and do best – Helping lawyers and corporate organisations manage and resolve law and technology problems.
A former University law lecturer for many years, author of several professional books and published articles on the subject of computer evidence and ediscovery, professional member of the British computer society. Acted as defence expert in several cases involving the Crown prosecution and Metropolitan police of London. Click here for a summary of my CV. Call or drop me a line, to see how I can strategically assist and move forward your litigation or corporate investigation.

Hi, I am Samantha
I am the client services manager for ITevidence. My focus is, ensuring your specific needs are met. Our forensic experts and in house legal consultants will provide the technical & legal input for your case and project execution. Our firm values your need for confidentiality. We provide complete forensic and ediscovery services from collection to presentation.  Our clients include:

– Private individuals   –  Law firms ?- Fraud investigators  – Law enforcement  – Public institutions  – Training organisations  – Large & small Businesses. Please feel free to drop me a message using the form below


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